Running Shoes, Studded Boots & Non-slip footwear from ICEBUG Canada.

Icebug is a pioneer in the world of high traction / studded footwear. Available in Canada, ICEBUG footwear is for running, OCR, orienteering, hiking and walking on slippery surfaces. Traction technologies include RB9X, BUGrip, OLX, and BUGweb.

What is RB9X ?


RB9X® – Rubber 9 Extreme is our latest rubber compound development, and it sets a new standard in providing friction. Lab tests (SATRA) show that RB9X® outgrips the competition, but still matches the durability of an asphalt running shoe. In the real world, that means much more reliable traction in wet and slippery conditions and on challenging surfaces like rocks.

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BUGrip sole is made of a special rubber compound and has 15-19 integrated steel studs.

The design of the studs, together with the properties of the rubber compound, give these studs a dynamic function. 

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